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A team of activists, politicians, investigative journalists and entrepreneurs from Southeast Europe, motivated by the need to act, here and now, without delay, and challenge the status quo in all countries in the region.


Our strategically created team consists of prominent individiuals from different branches of business, politics, and public life. Together they form a strong, well-rounded team with a powerful know-how.

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We diligently work on the creation of the new political class of competent leaders and political entrepreneurs in order to facilitate progress and development.

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We aim to create a new political class that will challenge the political elites, their demagogy, unrealistic promises, and nationalistic rhetorics, and change the game in electoral and socio-economic arenas.

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We are more than happy to answer all your questions, hear your suggestions, or cooperate with you!

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13. October 2016.

What is happening at the Balkans?

Slovenia and Croatia are in the EU, Montenegro is on the path to NATO, Serbia has turned towards the West, Albania [...]
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